I feel like I'm taking Crazy Pills!

Eli took care of his responsibilities by 3:30 today, because he wanted his (video) game time. We had to leave to pick Lila up from school at 3:40.

Eli: "Can I have my game time now?"
Me: [thinking] "Well... you can play for 10 minutes, but then we'll need to go pick Lila up from school. You can play for 20 more minutes when we get back home."
Eli: "Okay!"
Me: "If you argue with me or throw a fit when I say it's time to turn the game off, then you won't get to finish playing when we get home."
Eli: "Okay!"

I get him started on the game.

7 minutes later...

Me: "Just a few more minutes before we need to leave..."
Eli: "Okay!"

3 minutes later...

Me: "Okay, buddy! It's time to turn the game off."
Eli: [screeching like a ringwraith] "Noooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaarrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!"

I finally had to take the controller away and turn the game off myself.

Eli: "Do I still get the rest of my game time?"

Do these people listen to me at all?!?

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