Help me out, Moms.

I'm confused about which of my children is normal.

Lila remembers every word that has ever been spoken within hearing distance. Seriously. She never forgets anything. And she's always been that way.

Long before she could read, we'd check books out from the library. One of us would read the book to her one time. The next time we read it, sometimes days later, we might get sloppy and skip a word. She would correct us because she had the book memorized - after one reading!

Since she was our first child, I assumed that all children were this way.

Then we had Eli. He is pretty much the opposite of his sister. He is sweet and thoughtful and loving... but sometimes I wonder if I speak at a frequency that he can't hear.

I can look the boy in the face, and tell him something simple. For example, "We're going to pick Lila up from school in five minutes."

Five minutes later, I'll say, "Okay, time to pick Lila up. Please get your shoes on!"

Eli will say, "Okay!" He'll put his shoes on and get in the car.

Halfway to school, he'll say, "Where are we going?"

So, which one of these fruitcakes should I be worrying about?

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