Lila's Friends

Lila has a new friend in the neighborhood. For a long time, our 12-year-old next-door neighbor, Elizabeth, would come over about once per week to play with Lila. Sometime over the past several months, she kind of lost interest in that activity and we haven't seen her at all this summer. Kinda sad, but not a big deal. There's only so long that a pre-teen is going to think it's cool to hang out with two adults and a toddler.

Well, Elizabeth's place in our family has now been taken by Tichina, a 13-year-old who lives up the street. Since school has been out, she shows up at our house 2-3 times per week to play with Lila. I really find it amusing that these girls like to come over and play with my toddler. Fun, and amusing.

On a less fun note, I've been sick all weekend. This was both helpful and detrimental to my Harry Potter reading plans. On the helpful side, I couldn't do anything besides lay around anyway and Doug admitted that if I hadn't been sick, he would not have let me sit around and read all weekend (though i would have been lobbying for that). On the detrimental side, I was reading more slowly than usual because I felt like dookie!

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irene peeler said...

Everyone wants to play with Lila because she is VERY amusing!

Hugs from Grammie