Achoo! Waaaaaaaaaa!

Since I started taking allergy shots and prescription antihistamine/ decongestants again (couldn't take them while i was breastfeeding), my health has been SO much better. I only get sick occasionally now, instead of monthly. And when I do get sick, it's not as bad and doesn't last as long. Praise God for allergists! Sadly, all this dust that we're stirring up with packing has been too much for my poor body to handle.

I was sick sick sick this weekend, but felt mostly better by yesterday evening. I started packing again this afternoon and have become a sniffly sneezy mess. [sigh] It makes me want to stay up for 24 hours straight and get all this packing done so I don't have to worry about it anymore. That would be way better than a few weeks of prolonged torture. Doug seems to think that plan is not in the best interest of my health. Oh well.

I think Lila had a bad dream last night about bumping her head on something. :( She has had a few more incidents than usual recently where she fell down or got a boo-boo in some way. Early this morning, I heard her start crying and I could tell from the way she sounded that she was crying before she even woke up. It just sounded like a bad dream cry. When I made it into her room, she sat up and said, "Bump on da head," and kept crying. She was really upset - tears and everything. I rocked her for a long time and she went back to sleep, but I felt so bad for her! Poor baby...

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Mammaw said...

I just love that sweet baby so much! Your story made me want to hold and rock her myself. I wish I could protect her from some of the unpleasant things in life.