Overstimulating Love

I think you already know how much I love Lila. I love the way her skin feels, the sweetness of her hugs and kisses (which she gives much more freely these days). When she sits in my lap, it makes me all warm and fuzzy, and when I'm rocking her before a nap, I just want to stay there forever.

However, by the end of the day -- or by 2 p.m. if I have had a muscle tension headache since I woke up that is progressing to include sinus pressure -- I just get tired of being touched!

I go to the bathroom and she not only follows me in, but leans against my knees and tries to play with the button on my shorts while I'm sitting on the potty. If I'm sitting at the computer or standing in the kitchen, she'll come and just lean and hang on me like she's a monkey and I'm a tree. If I'm sitting in the floor, reading books to her, she climbs all over me like I'm a piece of furniture.

Mommies get overstimulated sometimes too!

On a totally different topic, I wish you all could have seen her at church yesterday. We take her into the grown-up service with us to listen to the music, then check her in to the nursery before the message. Yesterday, she was totally getting into the music. She stood between us, clapping her hands and dancing, the whole time. The amazing thing about her clapping is that she was on-beat more often than some of the adults in the room. And her little Bob and Stomp dance was just too much! It was a definite "I wish we had the video camera" moment!


S.E.W. said...

Those are her ways of showing you she feels the same way about you.

Babies are so sweet!

irene peeler said...

What a sassy little dress you have on, Lila!

Love and kisses and hugs from Grammie/PaJoe