Stirrin' up Dust

I think I'm enjoying this packing process more than I should be. I mean, I've never been excited about moving before and I've certainly never been excited about packing! Doug did make a good point though. There's a big difference between moving from one apartment to another (as i did in college) and moving into a new house that I'm excited about (as we are doing now).

We've gotten a good amount of work done this weekend. The number of boxes we got packed was not that many, but the amount of organizing and purging we did was much. We are spending our weekends working on closets because those are the hardest and require both of us to be here (to consult each other on what can be gotten rid of). During the week, I'll be packing the easy things (cabinets, bookshelves, etc.).

Lila has been exceptionally cooperative during all of this too. She has spent a lot of time playing with her new Play-Doh (an early birthday gift from some grandparents) and her new Barbie (which i bought at HEB for $2 on Friday). Speaking of this new Barbie, I've decided there must be a Barbie gene in some girls. About 10 minutes after I gave this one to Lila (the first she'd ever seen), without any prompting from me, she requested a comb and spent about 20 minutes "fixing" Barbie's hair!


S.E.W. said...

This must be Lila's first glamour type picture. She looks ready for the prom.

Anonymous said...

SSOOOOO, where are you moving to? :0)