I find myself with a lack of things to talk about today. Well, I suppose there is plenty that I could talk about, but nothing that is inspiring me. I will throw random facts at you to defend myself.

I have 6 friends who are pregnant and two with newborns.
I have 4 friends who are buying, selling, and/or building a house (plus us).
Doug and I saw Order of the Phoenix last night.
Lila tries to force bites of her food on the cats.
I have checked six things off of our moving checklist so far.
We are having a friend over for dinner tonight.
I need to buy more chicken.
Lila, apparently, has learned to find and open the bread bag.
She is currently eating our last slice of bread.
I am going grocery shopping tomorrow.
I'm tired.
The mailman has not come yet.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like someone might need a little time out for herself. Not necessarily time away, just a little time to herself where she can slowly unwind and de-stress.