So, one of the interesting people we saw in the Amsterdam airport was a woman with flourescent yellow hair. Literally. That wasn't the really interesting part though. She also either had one breast completely exposed or she was wearing a shirt with a fake breast on it so that it looked like one was completely exposed. Neither of us wanted to look long enough to figure it out, but the glance I got did not look like a real nipple.

It was definitely a vulnerable feeling at first, being out of my home country and surrounded by people speaking other languages. Amsterdam has as many signs in English as not, but it was still odd. As cool as the airport was (complete with art and nice furniture), we were most excited about the nap we took there. Our gate wasn't even open yet, so we found these lounge chairs by big windows and passed out for a while. It was strange and a bit disorienting to wake up in an airport.

From there it was on to Barcelona...

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