One other interesting person we met when leaving Austin was Smitty. He was sitting on the other side of Doug on the plane. He's a Canadian offshore oil man and he uses very colorful language. :)

Anyway, I lived through my first international flight. I expected to be totally freaked out the whole time we were flying over the ocean, but it wasn't too bad. For one thing, it was night time and I couldn't see anything anyway and I was *trying* to sleep. I also thought I'd be wicked fidgety, but I was really okay. I mean, I would have liked more leg room, but I didn't go crazy or anything.

Unfortunately, it is impossible for the average person to sleep on an airplane. I tried and tried and I think I managed to sleep about two hours. The seats were so uncomfortable and I've never been able to sleep in a sitting position. (college doesn't count)

We had a four hour layover in Amsterdam and they have a very cool airport. With some interesting people...

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