It's kind of funny. I guess I had a picture in my head of what I thought European people looked like (as far as manner of dress) and most of them really didn't fit it. The men did more often than the women, especially in Italy. But the women were mostly just wearing casual, normal looking clothes. :)

When we finally got to Barcelona (after 22 hours of travel), a representative of the travel company met us at the airport and escorted us to our hotel where we had to immediately run up to our room and freshen up and then hurry back downstairs to meet our travel group and go out for dinner. We went to a little place that was a few blocks away from the hotel called Cullera de Boix (which means 'wooden spoon' if i remember correctly). The food was all interesting, but a lot of it was things I didn't like - olives, uncooked meat, etc. Everyone who did eat it said it was great, but I just kept chomping on bread. We were both just insanely tired as well. I totally hit the wall about two-thirds of the way through dinner.

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