One little story I forgot to mention about our adventures in trying to leave the country - Doug spotted someone he knew at the airport. Not surprising, but amusing. It was a couple of Dutch guys that work for a supplier or vendor or some sort of other company that Dell does business with.

Also, for some reason (possibly because we had hand-written tickets from delta), we were selected for a thorough security check in Austin. So, we got checked for weapons and passed on through. The pants I was wearing have about a dozen snaps and zippers on them, so I was beeping up a storm! Anyway, we didn't mind and the security people were very friendly. It did feel a bit weird and conspicuous. I figured the average person would be annoyed and offended by the process, so I just tried to look as un-annoyed and non-offended as possible. :o)~

I met a nice girl and her baby in the airport. I am not the type to start up a conversation with someone I don't know, but she was traveling with a newborn... :)

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