Okay, so our ship (the splendor of the seas) may not have been *quite* as colossal and pristine as the Titanic, it was still incredible. It's so big! There were 11 decks (not counting the ones we don't know about - kitchen, laundry, etc.) packed with shops and theaters and staterooms, of course.

We had dinner on board Saturday evening and I had a wonderful Vidalia Onion Tart. We also caught a couple of glimpses of a transvestite on board. (there later turned out to be several of them) He was a bit unsettling.

After dinner, I crashed hard (again) and didn't wake up until Doug woke me at 9 a.m.!I thought he was setting the alarm for 7, but he set it for 8 and then we both slept through it! So, we showered up and ate a quick breakfast and went to shore...

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