The one who walks with the wise will become wise... -- Proverbs 13:20

Do you have a wise person (or people) to walk through life with? I know some wise people, but it can't be said that I'm walking with them. Now and then, I think about asking another woman to be my mentor, but that is such an intimidating thing to ask a person. If someone came up to me and asked the same thing, I'm not sure whether I would run from her or just laugh. I don't think of myself as foolish, but neither do I think of myself as wise.

Doug and I are doing our part to offer what wisdom we do have by starting a small group/Bible study. We have led groups (both individually and as a couple) and been members of groups for most of the past 15 (me) to 20 (doug) years. The relationships that can come from regular meetings with a group of people who are pursuing God together can last a lifetime. And, as I think about it, it's a good reminder that we all have some wisdom to share!

I think I should do three things:

1. Make it a priority to hang out with the people I already know who can speak wisdom into my life. (I'm looking at you, Ellen and Renee!)

2. Look and pray for an opportunity to develop a relationship with another woman who is several years ahead of me in her parenting and marriage.

3. Begin now to pray for the people who will be in our small group, that God will prepare our hearts to love Him and love one another with wisdom.

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