My children take every opportunity to be silly, but they cut me no slack when I try to do the same. I tend to get That Look, along with an impressive-sounding, "Mo-om!" Aren't they a bit young to find my humor dorky? I thought that didn't start until they made it into the double-digit ages, but Lila has been giving me her patented Not Amused look since infancy!

This morning, we had to scale an all-hands-on-deck search party for Lila's school shoes. I couldn't restrain the urge to remind her that we would always know where her shoes were if she put them straight into her shoe basket after taking them off (like she's supposed to).

Aside from that, however, I kept my sense of humor about things. When we had been searching for 10 minutes (seriously), I started talking out loud in my best Announcer Voice.

"Will they find Lila's school shoes? Will she make it to class on time? Will she have to wear NON. UNIFORM. SHOES?!?"

Lila said, very matter-of-factly, "Mom! You can stop talking that way. You are not a person from a to-be-continued TV show from the '70s."

Where does she come up with this stuff? And how is she so good at making me feel like I'm the kid and she's the grown-up?

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Susan Jordan said...

I love it! If I hadn't already come to the conclusion that she was smarter than me she proved it when she was about three years old. When she picked up a chip, held it up and said "look Mommy, a semi-circle" I knew I was a lost cause. This just continues to prove my suspicions.