The naughty sleeping place here: Lila's pillow
A cat can eat a rat. -- Webster's Bluebacked Speller

. . . unless it is the cat in this photo. This cat is broken. She lays on her back for most of the day, pitifully reaching one paw out toward any person who walks by her. She would have you believe that she is horribly neglected, but she's not.

The only time she feels it is appropriate to get off her back is when it's time to eat or she has spotted what she perceives to be a naughty place to lay. One of her favorite right-side-up pastimes is laying on the back of the couch, behind my head, and smacking me in the side of the face with her tail.

If this cat ever saw a rat, she'd probably just ask it to scratch her belly.

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Susan Jordan said...

I thought that's what cats were for. Lying in naughty places, I mean.