My bed is like a little boat. -- Robert Louis Stevenson

At approximately 5:45 this morning, my little boat became so full that someone had to be thrown overboard. I woke to find that Eli had taken over most of my pillow and my side of the bed. He learned a long time ago that he should come to my side of the bed because he can crawl right across me and I'll never know it. If he comes to Doug's side of the bed, he finds himself lovingly returned to his own room.

So, I woke to find that my head was tucked onto the smallest corner of pillow and my body was straddling the uneven space where our mattresses meet. (After several years of trying to find a mattress that worked well for both of us, we gave up. I have mine and Doug has his and the difference in height is not typically a problem. It also provides a hard line to reference when quibbling about who is encroaching on whose side of the bed!)

Anyway, three in a bed is tolerable, if not comfortable. But 5:45 a.m. is when Lila showed up on Doug's side of the bed with bad dream issues. He thought he was going to tell her to squeeze in behind me ('cause i'll never know the difference, right?) until he discovered that Eli was already there. Four in a bed was not going to work for anyone, unless we had Lila lay horizontally below our feet, like a puppy.

He ended up grabbing his pillows and taking Lila back into her own room, where he finished the night on Eli's bed. What began as everyone in their own bed, ended with Eli on my side of the bed, me in the middle (refusing to give up on my beloved pillow), Lila in her own bed, and Doug in Eli's bed.

I wonder what would happen if we locked our bedroom door tonight...

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