Disclaimer: This post was composed by a woman with a headache. She cannot promise high quality writing.

This is one of the people who
makes my life freaking awesome!
All the streams flow to the sea, yet the sea is never full. -- Ecclesiastes 1:7

Life can be very much like running on a treadmill at times. Get up, eat breakfast, answer questions, feed the children and animals, do dishes, answer questions, eat lunch, clean the house, do laundry, answer questions, cook dinner, clean up after dinner, bathe the kids, put them to bed, stare stupidly into space, go to bed, get up tomorrow and do it all over again. I love life, but in the dark moments it can seem so pointless.

It is God's love for me that gives me purpose. A desire to please Him and know him better gives me drive and direction. For the longest time, I thought that I was who I was and there was no escaping or changing it. It's been a rough road getting here, but I now believe that I am who I am and God can change my heart while I change my habits. I mean really, I'm barely recognizable as the same person who moved to Austin in 1996!

The richness in daily life comes from relationship with others. Since I have made drastic cut-backs in my media time, I am finding (NOT surprisingly) that I crave more human interaction. Since I'm not constantly texting people and checking Facebook, I want to see people in person (or at least talk to them on the phone). And what a better conversation can be had in person than in brief bursts of noncontextualized information!

You'd better sit down for this one... I've actually started answering my phone when it rings because I want to talk to people!

With my TV viewing limited, I'm going to bed earlier and waking up more easily. Since I'm not allowing myself to do three things at once while watching TV, I'm finding it much easier to fall asleep when I do go to bed! Now that I've (mostly) tamed that damned Candy Crush beast, I have more time to read books, which is something that I dearly love. Already, I feel my ability to focus increasing and my mind sharpening!

I don't know if they have noticed, but I am giving my children much more undivided attention. That is priceless!

I still look longingly at my phone sometimes (thinking of Candy Crush) and wonder how many comments and 'Like's I've got on Facebook, but I am SO glad that God opened my eyes to the ways that I've been handicapping myself! When I look at what I was spending most of my time doing, it's no wonder that life was starting to seem pointless.

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