What that is?

Well, it's been a week, but Doug's still Doug, I'm still pregnant, and Lila's still nuts. Not that I expected any of those things to change. . . . Wow. I'm sitting here with my hands on the keyboard, but nothing is coming out. Plenty has happened in the past week, but I feel uninspired to describe any of it. Today has been a long one due to an extra dose of insanity from Lila.

Right now I'm hiding and waiting for Doug to get home so that she'll have someone else to follow around and talk to. She's started asking a lot more questions; her favorite one being, "What that is?" The really maddening part is this: if she doesn't like your answer, she'll just keep asking the same question over and over. And, even though she has no concept of time, she's suddenly started asking us what time it is.

She discovered this question on the way home from dinner a couple of nights ago. She started with, "What time is it?" Doug said, "6:41." She said, "What time is it, Mommy?" I said, "6:41." She said, "What time is it?" I said, "It's still 6:41." She said, "What time is it, Daddy?" This went on for a very long time. Actually, it was about one minute, but you'd be amazed at how many times we went through this in that one minute.

We tried explaining to her that it's the same time for everybody (at least everyone who was in the car at the time), but it didn't help. We then started answering with things like, "Time for you to stop asking that question." At some point, Doug resorted to pestering her with questions instead. "Lila, do you have a face?" "Lila, do you have a nose?" "Lila?" "Lila?"

She took the approach of just ignoring us. Funny, that doesn't work when I try it on her...

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Anonymous said...

From where I sit, it's ALL adorable! And I love the picture!

Angela, what time is it???

love from Grammie