The Boy

Well, for further information on BP 2.0, henceforth known as Baby Boy Peeler (BBP, for short)... I'm halfway to the end - woohoo! It seems to have gone by very quickly, but that's partly because I had no idea I was pregnant for the first five weeks. Based on yesterday's measurements, the doctors are estimating that the boy weighs about 9 oz. That's a wee bit below average, but following the same trend as Lila when I was pregnant with her.

Based on averages, he is about 10 inches from head to heel (the length of a banana). They didn't tell us that measurement from the ultrasound, but I'm sure it's close enough. In case you are interested, up to this point, the baby's length was always from head to rump because in the first half of pregnancy the babies are too curled up to measure their legs. From here on out, the measurement will be head to heel.

Lila now informs us a few times a day that, "It be a little brudder." Ah, my dear, if only you knew what that really meant... :) My head and neck are hurting, so I'm going to go sit a spell in the new shiatsu massage chair that Doug and I gave ourselves for Christmas. It's a happy toy.

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