Somebody puked, but it wasn't the pregnant lady!

As I mentioned last time, I'm 22 weeks pregnant now. That leaves 126 days go to (119 if you account for the c-section). The Boy now looks like a miniature newborn -- and kicks and squirms like a miniature octopus. He checks in at 10.9 inches, which is the length of a spaghetti squash. He weighs almost one pound... more or less. Just a wrinkly little baby, growing away!

Poor Lila puked this morning, for no apparent reason. She was a little whiny from the time she got up, but that just happens sometimes. Shortly before church, while she and Doug were playing with Play Doh, she announced that her tummy felt funny and then threw up all over Doug. She hardly ate anything all day (until she ate an entire apple around 5 o'clock), but she hasn't thrown up again. Who knows...

The one who really suffered in this situation was Doug's cell phone. It was in the pocket of the jeans that got puked on and all of the dirty clothes got put right in the washer, so... yeah, Doug's cell phone is very clean. We are letting it dry out completely and will check tomorrow to see if it still works. Hee hee.

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Anonymous said...

How exciting it is to hear about the boy!!! And, what is it that Miss Lila is surrounded by? She is such a pink, girly girl in this pic!

lov and hugs from the grammie