Much like yesterday

So, this is weird. I mentioned yesterday that Lila puked before church. She was then totally fine for the rest of the day (except for a weak appetite). Well, she did it again sometime early this morning! We don't even know when it happened. She came and woke Doug up around 4 a.m. saying she wanted her water. He went to her room to help her find it and discovered two different places where she'd thrown up. Ew!

And, naturally, she's been completely fine since then. I'm not worried about her or anything, but I do wish this would stop. We couldn't put her in the nursery at church yesterday and I had to skip going to the gym today because childcare rather frowns on being given a child who has recently puked. But anyway, enough about these gross things.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, Doug's cell phone is dead. "It's not only merely dead. It's really most sincerely dead!" The battery still works, but the phone itself is no more. I think Doug was perusing EBay this morning, looking for another one. He called Cingular, but our phone warranty does not cover death by washing machine. Oh well.

* Bonus points if you can tell me what movie that quote was adapted from.


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Hi Lila!

It looks like you have a crib and everything else you need for your baby! How colorful and fun! I can't wait to see them at your house on Friday.

love and hugs from Grammie