Go Back A Seep?

Things have continued to be silly and eventful around here (i would expect nothing less). Lila took a pretty good nap with her new pacifiers yesterday and was reluctant to give them up when naptime was over. Within an hour, she was requesting to "go back a seep?" I was pretty sure this was more about wanting her pacifiers than about really being tired. I told her she was just going to have to wait until bedtime. So she spent the rest of the day periodically requesting to go night-night.

When bedtime finally did come, she was very enthusiastic about it and went to sleep without a peep. She then slept until 8:15 this morning, which is at least 45 minutes later than she usually sleeps! When Doug got her out of bed, he said she felt pretty hot. We checked her temperature, and, sure enough, she had a low fever. So maybe there was something to those sleep requests after all. [sheepish grin]

She seems to be fine now, though she has continued to ask for night-night whenever she thinks of it (which is usually when she's just been denied something she wants). She has also been taking her stuffed animals' temperatures all day... rectally. She spent most of the time I was in the shower this morning taking Snoopy's temperature and, after I was out, declared that his 'tee-tee hurts'. Alas for poor Snoopy!

UPDATE: I just took Lila's temperature again and the fever is back, higher than this morning. She's acting like she feels fine though, so I guess we'll just see what happens.

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S.E.W. said...

I sent this picture to Linda and it has now been put on a bulletin board at UTSW as the littlest UT cheerleader packing to go to college.