Eyebrows on Film

I have an appointment today, at 5:30 p.m., to have my eyebrows lightened. My hair has faded to a nice, fiery sort of strawberry blond. It's not what I expected, but I can live with it. However, between the lighter hair and my fair skin, my eyebrows stand out like two woolly worms on my face. I don't expect to leave the salon with my eyebrows the same color as my hair - that would probably look odd, really - but I do hope that they are lighter and more camouflaged.

I am mostly concerned about this because I could, possibly, be on camera this weekend. I'm part of a team participating in the 48 Hour Film Project, and I'm hoping to be an actor. Even if our script ends up not needing me to act, I'll still be a part of the crew. It's going to be a fun weekend and I'm super excited!

Since I will be out-of-pocket, Doug and Lila are going to Houston for the weekend. I might not be home much, but when I am here, I'm sure I will miss them a lot! Especially at night... [sigh]

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S.E.W. said...

Cool! We may get to see you on film yet! Is there anyone famous you can bump elbows with in this project?

How is the Water Baby doing at her swimming lessons? I'm really glad ya'll are taking her for lessons, it was something I tried to do with you but the pool broke, and Greg never seemed to need them.