Brusha brusha brusha

Lila had her first appointment with the dentist on Monday. We talked about it all morning. "We're going to the dentist today! That's like a tooth doctor. He's going to look at your teeth! How fun..." She was excited and talking about it as we drove to the office. "The dentist. Look at the teeth!" She even brought along one of her teddy bears, Barbecue, to join in the fun.

It was all good until we got into the waiting room and then it registered that this was some sort of doctor's office. And rarely do pleasant things happen at doctors' offices. At that point she suddenly became rather clingy. By the time we got into the exam room, with the pre-dentist (i don't think she was a hygienist, but she wasn't the dentist), Lila had decided that this was all a scam and she wanted out.

Thankfully, things weren't too bad, but no amount of putting Barbecue through the paces first was going to convince her she should relax or cooperate. They were able to look into her mouth and they found that she has two teeth that are fused, but no cavities or other noticeable problems. They also told us we need to be brushing her teeth more like three times per day (as opposed to the once per day we'd been doing). That's easier said than done. I've had to lay down the law - You cooperate and help us brush your teeth (or at least let us do it) or we will sit on you and brush them anyway. And I'm not kidding.

She's just about to get out of the bath now and we'll see how it goes this time. :)

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