Baby or Fish?

Lila and I have had a very full day already. It started off with swim class, which was lots of fun, as always. When Lila got up this morning and I told her we were going to swim class, she got very excited and spent much of the intervening time saying she was going to "jump in da wa-wa!" And she has totally turned into a fish since last week's lesson. She was fearless today! Woohoo!

After that we ran to Babies 'R' Us to buy some new pacifiers. That is part of a long story that I won't relate all the details of, but it invovled me making the decision to start weaning Lila off of her pacifiers without really exploring why I was doing it. After doing some research and discussing it last night, Doug and I decided to give them back to her. There is no reason to take them away yet.

From the store, we had to rush home so we would be here when another mom and her baby showed up. This was a work meeting though, not a play date, so Lila was only around for the first 15 minutes. After that, she went down for a nap (with her new pacifiers, freshly sterilized), and I did my Community Leader thing. This other mommy, Jen, has a baby boy who is only 6 weeks old and already weighs 16 lbs! Wow!

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