The Girl's Got Style

We chose Lila's outfit today in the same fashion we always do. That is, we grabbed the next outfit in line out of her drawer and put it on her. My intention with this post is to discuss today's outfit, but first I will take a slight detour to justify this method of choosing clothes.

First of all, it makes sure that all clothes get even wear (as opposed to only picking out favorite things and wearing them out faster than the things we like less). Also, since we mix t-shirts, dresses, and everything in between, you never know what's going to be next. It's kind of fun to have no special plans for the day, but still wear a pretty dress - just because! Anyway, this will all end once she forms an opinion on the matter.

Back to my story... Today's outfit is a yellow sleeveless dress with a kitty on the front. I put a white clip in her hair and that was that. Lila did the rest of her accessorizing. By the time we went to the gym, she was wearing her new glittery white shoes, a very fashionable black belt (from another outfit), a yellow mardi gras necklace, and her red sunglasses with white polka dots. This was definitely an attention-getting outfit. I don't think she really understood why everyone was fussing over her, but I enjoyed it!

P.S. - Can you spot Lila in this photo?

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