Brag Post

Okay, I have to brag about what an amazing memory my child has. She already recognizes (and can name) all of the 'big' letters and most of the 'little' ones. I made some flash cards with all of the letters (26 bigs and 26 smalls) and we were just going through them. Even when presented in random order, she got most of them right. I could totally understand why she missed some of the ones she did. For example, she called 'little a' a 'little o'. Well, a 'little a' is a 'little o' with an extra line on the side. Rather confusing, I'd say.

She just blows me away sometimes! We have a few CDs of kids music that we have listened to ad nauseum. She can recognize and name a few of the songs after hearing only the first two notes! I can't even identify them that quickly! There have been a few times where she said or did something that left Doug and/or I sitting there with our mouths hanging open. I don't even know where she learns some of this stuff!

My apologies for not being able to include a photo of the little genius today. The website is having some sort of problem and can't upload the file... Okay, and I'll be honest. Even if the tool were working, I was planning on posting a picture of Charlie, not Lila.

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