Veruca Salt

In case you are wondering, Lila has said 'no' approximately 117 times today.

While she has recovered from her ear infections and returned to her normal personality (Thank you, God!), she is still throwing the occasional Freak-Out. Yesterday morning, when I went to pick her up from day care (after BSF), she was having a snack at the kiddie-sized picnic table with all the other toddlers. She had already finished off what was given to her and was eyeing the food of those around her.

When I told her it was time to go home, she started crying and saying [can you guess what she said? go on! guess!] 'no!' and 'dinner', which is her word for every time that you eat. I told her that she could have more food in the car, but that was not good enough. After a lot of crying and flailing, I determined that she wanted to have the rest of her snack at that little table, thankyouverymuch!

That one is not as amusing as some of the other things she's freaked out about, but you get the idea.

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