Look out!

The following things have happened in the past week:

1. Our oven died the aforementioned fiery death.

2. Our garbage disposal choked on a steak and died.

3. My keyboard began exhibiting signs of schizophrenia.

4. Our alarm clock decided it was really only interested in displaying the passing seconds.

Clearly some sort of goblin has gotten inside our house and begun to wreak havoc on our electronic devices. Either that or I've been stressed out at the signs of summer's rapid approach and my electro-magnetic field is frying things that I get close to.

Hey, it could happen! Let's not forget the three or four hard drives I went through when I first started work at HRW, the door locking mechanism in the parking garage that malfunctioned and rained down metal on me, or the garage door that broke and trapped my car in the garage a couple of years ago.

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