Movie Review

I don't think I ever mentioned here my latest Late Night Movie Adventure. Boy, this habit of mine is really hit or miss! This past time was a definite miss. I saw The Astronaut Farmer and it was just... my apologies to anyone who has seen this movie and actually liked it but, I found it to be... stupid.

It was not remotely believable, even in a "suspend your disbelief" kind of way. It was just dumb. And it's supposed to be an inspiring, always-follow-your-dreams story, but I couldn't even appreciate that part of it. This man's pursuit of his dream is so selfish and destructive to his family that there was nothing admirable about it!

The only positive thing I can say for the movie is that it was, I suppose, well acted. That's not enough to redeem it though. My advice: Don't even rent The Astronaut Farmer (unless you have a coupon).

By the way, the above photo is of Lila reading 'The Hobbit'. What can I say? She's a genius.

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