Here kitty kitty kitty...

I really really really want a kitten. A stripey orange one, to be precise. I even had a dream this weekend that I'd found a kitten in a parking lot and brought it home with me. I tried to convince Doug that it was a prophetic dream, but he's not buying it.

True, the rational part of my brain knows that it's not a good idea. The two cats we have are already convinced that we don't love them anymore because we won't get rid of Lila and re-devote our lives to their care. And I have a hard enough time keeping Lila from being rough with these guys - I shudder to think what she could do to a kitten.

I suppose it is better to wait, but they're so cuuute!

Maybe a puppy would be better. They can handle the rough treatment from Lila and they too are really cute! Unfortunately, they also grow up to be dogs, which neither of us want.

Hamster? The kitties might eat it. Guinea pig? Might bite Lila. Pot-bellied pig? Hmm... that's one to look into!

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