Danger Baby

It's been an exciting week for Lila, so far. She's been having some kind of allergic reaction since yesterday morning that's got her all blotchy and red (see photo). The blotches will disappear in one place and reappear in another. This happened once last summer and we never figured out what she was reacting to (nothing in her environment or diet had changed). We just give her Benadryl and wait for it to work itself out.

Last night, while she was in the bath, I tried to put her eye out. There was a small plastic cup on the counter that she usually plays with in the tub. I picked it up, said, "Hey Lila! Look!", and threw it into the tub. Only my terrible aim kicked in and it hit her right at the edge of her eye. This, of course, scared her and hurt and she ended up with a red welt on her face (gone by this morning)! Good one, Mom.

This afternoon, at the end of her naptime, she attempted her first crib escape. She had been awake and talking for a while and I decided to make one last trip to the potty before I got her up. While I was "busy", she started crying. I figured she was finally tired of being in there alone and didn't worry about it. When I got in there, I discovered that she was crying because her leg was stuck in the rails!

Whew! Let's hope that tomorrow is less eventful...

Oh, she has also decided that she will only wear pajamas that have kitties on them. Seriously. She will scream if you try to put any others on her. And I had nothing to do with this! The most unfortunate part is that she only has three pair of kitty pajamas (out of about 8) and one of them is really too small.

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irene peeler said...

Lila, you almost made the great escapte !!! :o)
hee hee hee.......Grammie