This photo cracks me up. "Well Ma'am, I took a look at your engine. I can fix the problem, but it's gonna cost ya'..." The picture was taken in our garage yesterday, while Lila was busily following her Daddy around, investigating things, and getting her pretty white dress as dirty as she possibly could.

Things are super busy around here and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I usually look forward to Thanksgiving - there have even been years when I looked forward to it even more than Christmas. This year is different for some reason. I don't feel like going to Dallas and doing the normal Thanksgiving thing. Maybe it's a desire for us to start our own family traditions...?

In keeping with the spirit of the first Thanksgiving, I'd like to prepare a meal and then share it with another family who can't afford their own. Those who have plenty, sharing with those who have not. Anyway, we are going to Dallas and I'm sure it will be fun. We will get our Famiy Fix, and, more importantly, my family will get their Lila Fix. I am SO looking forward to the stuffing... :)

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ipeeler said...

My, my what a big leg you have!!!!!!! Looks like a yummy chicken leg to me!!