Chipmunks in my Head

Have you ever listened to an entire album of Chipmunk music? No? Have you ever stood next to power tools (with no earplugs) for an hour? Okay, well that's close. Lila and I go to the library every Monday and we check out a couple of books and a new children's music CD every week. This week it's "The Best of the Chipmunks - 35 Years". Basically, it's the Chipmunks (and their girlfriends) singing popular songs.

The first song or two was entertaining. And then it started to wiggle inside my head like some kind of burrowing worm. By the end of the CD, I felt like I was going to burst into either maniacal laughter or uncontrollable weeping. If you'd like a small taste of insanity, just listen to the Chipmunks' recording of 'Achy Breaky Heart'. Seriously.

Now for some exciting news - LILA HAS TAKEN HER FIRST STEPS!!! For a week or two now, she's been able to stand up on her own, but she won't do it for more than a few seconds. Yesterday, I decided to actively try to get her to take a few steps. I stood her up against the wall, scooted back a bit, and then started calling her toward me. She's been doing a great job! She can consistently take one or two steps and two different times she managed to take about five steps! Hooray for the Bean!


irene peeler said...

How exciting! She must be very proud of her little self!

love from Grammie

Grandmere Mimi said...

The race will be on now! She'll be even harder to catch during the Naked Baby Bathtime Chase. Congratulations Lila!

I can sympathise with you over the Chipmunks singing new music but if you'll recall we had two Chipmunk Christmas albums we listened to a few times over the years!