Moving to the Caves

Lila has discovered the joy of exploring caves! The first one she found was the laundry hamper. She's been opening the doors and pulling out the dirty clothes for ages, but she actually climbed into the cabinet for the first time last week. She stayed in there and played very quietly for about 15 minutes. In fact, she was playing so quietly that I went to check on her a couple of times to make sure that nothing was wrong!

This week, it was her cabinet in the kitchen. That is the only one that is not baby-proofed and it's where all of our storage containers stay, plus a small pot, wooden spoon, and a couple of toys. She opens it up and plays with the things inside all the time, but a couple of days ago she pulled EVERYTHING out of it and climbed in. Then she wanted us to shut the doors! So we'd shut them (not all the way) and she'd wait a few seconds and then fling them open with a loud, "Ba!" Way too cute!

Apparently, this is a family trait. As a small child, Doug would play and sleep in his closet (with a piece of bread). Either she got it from him or she's been spending too much time with the cats!


irene peeler said...

This is absolutely the cutest ever! But I guess I say that about everything Lila Bean does!

It's got to be genetic...and the cats will probably want to get in there with her!!! :o)


Grandmere Mimi said...

Does your climbing into the side-by-side refrigerator when you were little count? You couldn't close the door but you were sitting on one of the shelves when I found you.