Random Stuff

I'm trying to get Lila to go down for a nap right now, but she's not having it. I guess there's been too much excitement this morning. From the sounds of things, she's currently trying to bend the bars apart on her crib so that she can get out! I'm hearing lots of grunting and monkey noises.

The photo that I've posted here is a few weeks old, but I think it's cute. This is Lila and Cousin Olivia sharing a bath. [Photo removed to keep it out of the hands of perverts.] That was the first time that Lila had anyone other than Mommy or Daddy in the bath with her and she really wasn't sure what to think. Especially when Olivia started playing with Lila's bath toys. It never got violent, but they did keep snatching this cup away from each other. Add to that the three or four people in the room with cameras and the fact that Lila was up past her bedtime -- she just didn't know what to think about the whole experience.

I had an eye exam yesterday and found out that my vision has corrected itself over the past couple of years! It is probably a combination of not straining my eyes with proofing work anymore and the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy. Either way, I ordered glasses that I'll only need to use for seeing details at a distance (e.g., when driving at night or watching a movie). The doctor said that the vision in each eye individually is 20/25 now and it's 20/20 when using both eyes. I just need correction for a slight astigmatism (sp?)! Woohoo! So maybe Lila is not the only good thing that came out of being pregnant...

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