Barking Mad

Lila has started barking and it's really very cute! It's the only animal sound she can make so far, but she does it well. If you ask her what sound a dog makes, she will (if she's in the mood) say, "woof woof". Mostly though, she barks at dogs. If we are outside and she hears one barking, then she barks too. It's so funny! Sometimes she does it just for fun. Yesterday, we were getting out of the car and she just said, "Dog. Woof woof."

Now before I make my next statement, I want to give a disclaimer: I recognize that I have been genetically blessed to be able to stay thin with little effort. I am very grateful for that and will not complain. That being said, I am very disturbed because...

My butt moved! I don't know when it happened, but I noticed it this morning. My booty has definitely traveled south. Maybe that's why I've had a much easier time finding pants that fit lately. I certainly don't mind that aspect of things. But I really feel that, if some part of your body is planning to move, it should give some sort of notice!

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