I just gave Doug a thorough thrashing at Yatzee. I beat him two out of three games, but that's not the bad part. My score on our last game was 516! I got two bonus yatzees! I had the highest score of the three games even without the extra 200 points! Hahahahaha! Of course, he then beat me two out of three at Pass the Pigs, but we don't need to talk about that. Just remember 516 points...

We recently paid off my car loan. Ahhh... No more student loans. No more car loan. Only the mortgage now. It was very fun to get my title in the mail. Of course, it says that the car belongs to Angela D. Priddy who lives on Chevy Chase Dr., but no matter. The point is that they don't get any more of our money! So there!

And furthermore, kitties are cute.

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