Well, it was a crazy weekend! We went to Houston on Friday afternoon and had a birthday dinner with Doug's mom. On Saturday morning we drove over to Orange to attend a Saturday evening wedding shower for Keith and Megan. We actually got to be gone from church on Sunday morning so we were able to attend a service at Keith's church. And then yesterday afternoon/evening was entirely taken up with driving back to Austin. Whew!

I'm mildly irritated right now because I just had a run-in with our blower/vacuum. I trimmed *more* bushes on Wednesday of last week and I was taking out the blower/vac to suck up the leaves because they're scattered all over the place. Well, I had trouble getting it all in order to begin with (removing caps and replacing hoses, etc.) and then it wouldn't work correctly. Kept binding up on little limbs and stuff. Darn power tools!

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