Well, I'm not doing a very good job of renewing my posting, am I? Here I am though! I just went into the restroom and found Charlie all curled up in the sink. That's not an unusual sight, but he hasn't done it in quite a while. He then proceeded to lay there and "chirp" at me while I was... busy. Silly kitty!

Doug and I watched The Whale Rider this weekend. I loved it! I give it a 10. Doug didn't like it *as* well as I did (he was too busy mocking parts of it), but he still liked it. I also rented All the President's Men, but we haven't watched it yet. Don't know when we're going to have time - it's quite long... (we'll be out of town this weekend) I guess maybe we'll have to watch half one evening and half the next.

And furthermore, trimming trees is hard work!

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