I can't believe I haven't updated my blog since April 22nd! I'm so sorry for those of you who actually read it! And now I come back to the site to post something and the whole website has changed - wacky! Anyway, here I am! And, as usual, there's a little kitty sitting by my feet and trying to get my attention. So, to update you on the past few weeks -

I made a day trip to Houston at the end of April so that my mother-in-law (Irene) and I could go to the Houston Zoo - very fun! I've been going to baby showers and birthday parties. Half of my family has a birthday in April, so there was lots of that. MY birthday was in April! I'm still going to BSF every week, although next week is the last meeting for the year! Ack!

Doug and I made a trip to Dallas and saw all of my family. We also spent a lot of money at the Hillsboro outlet mall! Hehehe. We've decided to find a new church (that was actually a hard decision, but we really feel that God is leading us to a new place where we can really feel at home. He's used our time at new community to train us and to help the church and i'm grateful for our time there).

I've been doing a lot of babysitting too. And pet sitting. I've kept quite busy for the past week with a couple of new clients! Woohoo! And now I'm waiting for my multitude of pregnant friends to start giving birth. I'm still singing in the band at church and loving it. I thank God regularly for my flexible schedule! And yesterday I was naughty and FORGOT TO CALL MY GRANDMOTHER ON HER BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I feel like such a doody head!

So I'd better go and call her now... :)

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