One of our goofball kitties, Charlie this time, decided I needed to wake up at 4 o'clock this morning. Our best guess is that he wanted his litter box cleaned out. I spent yesterday morning in pain (thank you endo) and yesterday afternoon doing yardwork, so I forgot to do it. Anyway, 4 a.m., cat stomping on me and punching me (well, mushing, but it felt like punching at 4 a.m.).

He continued to behave strangely all morning. When I got up and went into the restroom, he followed me and started attacking the door frame. Then he nearly bowled me over as I was sitting down on the bed and came charging up there right under/in front of me. And I took a little "nap" after Doug left, during which Charlie came and laid down in front of my face. I have a vague memory of him putting one of his feet against my face for a while...

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