Today is Doug's birthday! Happy 30th Birthday My Love! :)

I love the birthday present I gave him. It's possible that I love it even more than he does (though he does love it too). It's a life-size stand up of Darth Vader that talks. It's quite large and it scares me almost every time I walk into the room and see it because I think there's a person standing there. It also has a tendency to interrupt me...

I think I have finally won the war with the squirrels in the backyard. I hadn't been putting any corn out for weeks because the little buggers kept running off with the whole thing. However, Doug picked up a very large nail for me last weekend and sawed the head off so that the cob would fit on it. Now it's nailed into the patio railing and it's still long enough that it goes all the way through the cob. Take that Squirrel Beans! Ha!

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