"Men overlooked a baby's birth
When love unnoticed came to earth..."
 -- Mary Tatlow

Despite the hour that Lila spent in her bedroom, for having a very nasty attitude, we got through all of our homework today! This is the first Tuesday in several weeks that hasn't ended with work hanging over our heads.

It helped that yesterday was a holiday, so today's work was lighter than average. But I'm tired of talking about the trials of homeschool days...

I would say that I'm ready for summer break, but that's only half true.

I AM ready for the school battles to end for a few months. I am NOT ready for days where I never feel like I've gotten sufficiently cool.

I AM ready for a lighter schedule. I am NOT ready for 10-hour days of, "Mom? Will you..." "Mom? Can I have..." "Mom? He/she hit/kicked/yelled at me..." "Mom? Mom! Mom-may!"

I AM ready for more time to clean my house. (How often do you say those words?) I am NOT ready for the onslaught of scattered belongings that will accompany the children's increased free time.

I AM ready for more time to spend together as a family. I am NOT ready for The Pool. (If you have forgotten, or are unaware of, the way I feel about going to The Pool, please refer to: Summer fun, indeed.) (In fact, I may re-post that one. I feel that it bears repeating.)

I also have a yearly struggle against very old tapes that play in my head. When I was young, I didn't really have friends. At least, not many. (I'm not being melodramatic. Just honest.) Many summers  (particularly as a teenager) were a long, boring, lonely time of watching soap operas, grudgingly doing chores, and trying not to melt.

However much I tell myself that I am no longer a friendless child, I still get a little down at the beginning of summer. Those first cool breezes of autumn envigorate me. Those first hot breezes of summer depress me.

I just had a thought: Maybe we should plan a weekly trip to some jumpy place. They are indoor, air-conditioned, and grown-ups aren't allowed on the inflatables. That would be an easy thing to invite friends along to, as well!

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