The lamps now glitter down the street;
Faintly sound the falling feet;
And the blue even slowly falls
About the garden trees and walls.
-- Robert Louis Stevenson

I can't believe it's been a week since I last wrote anything. It's been a very busy week. At the same time, I've felt like I didn't have anything to talk about. I suppose the reality is that I didn't feel like disciplining myself to sit down and arrange my thoughts after the busy days.

I'm finally feeling quiet-of-spirit enough that writing doesn't feel like a chore. It was an oddly silent afternoon. Eli, who is usually unbelievably chatty, hardly spoke a word on the way home from school. At home, he mostly busied himself with Legos.

After we picked Lila up, we went to the library. Everyone picked out new books and then we headed home. Both kids stuck their nose in a book, as soon as we got in the car. They were quiet all the way home and then did not utter a word for 40 minutes after we got here.

I was just about to tell them it was bath time when our neighbors knocked on the door. We chatted, they bathed, then they went back to their books. They barely acknowledged Doug when he got home. I've seen Lila do this before, but not Eli! He typically only shows that kind of focus with Legos.

And I'm so very happy to report that I'm feeling like my normal self again. My doctor agreed with my assessment that 25 mg is the right dose of medication for now (that's half what I was taking a year ago), and I'm satisfied that I'm not taking a drug that I don't need.

One thing I'm kicking myself for: Today was the 2nd Grade Renaissance Festival at school and I forgot to bring my camera! You may have seen the photo I posted on Facebook. It's the only picture I got, but I love it.

Confession: I wanted, with all my heart, to dress up for the festival. I bought a dress for Lila, with the justification that it can be her Halloween costume too. Adult costumes are much more expensive, however, and I couldn't bring myself to buy one.

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