"Prayers are heard in heaven very much in proportion to our faith. Little faith will get very great mercies, but great faith still greater." -- Charles Spurgeon

My children were awful today. I mean really. Awful. Never mind that Lila got virtually no home work done and spent 85% of the day in her bedroom. Or that both children decorated their entire bodies with markers.

They made such a colossal mess in my bedroom, that I decided it was safest for everyone if I just walked away. Doug is now overseeing clean-up and advising them to pray that his sink is not so clogged that we have to call a plumber.

Yeah. That bad.

Since I do not want to spoil the happy feelings induced by my new car (a "surprise" from Doug), I will not revisit their bad behavior any further. Instead, I will entertain you with the only two positive stories I can recall from the day.

During the brief time when Lila was actually doing her school work, we reviewed last week's Latin words. See if you can spot the word that she made up...

Me: What is flos?
Lila: Flower!
Me: What is the Latin word for plant?
Lila: Uh. Herba?
Me: Correct. What is hortus?
Lila: Garden.
Me: What is the Latin word for leaf?
Lila: Umm... leafus!

During a break time, the kids were playing around and I heard Lila say, "We're going to investigate something strange," as they went out the front door. I probably should have been concerned at this point, but I was trying my best to pretend they didn't exist for a few minutes.

A short time later, they came back in the house carrying this:

Both: giggle giggle giggle
Lila: Open this. We found it in the street.
Both: giggle giggle giggle

At this point, I'm certain there is something in that box that is going to make me scream.

Me: [mildly alarmed] Is there something alive in there?
Lila: No.
Both: giggle giggle giggle
Me: [shying away from the box] No.
Both: giggle giggle giggle
Lila: Come on!

Then she opens the box herself, and shows me this:

Then they proceed to laugh their tiny a$$es off.

I guess you have to be a kid to get the joke?

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