Why not?

Do you ever feel like a kid who wants to do something just to see what will happen? Just because you can...?

I took Cordy into the shower with me earlier today. I was getting ready to go in and she was standing behind me, talking. I responded, we conversed, and we decided that she should shower with me. Apparently, she was having that 'not-so-fresh feeling'.

Now, to be fair, she and I do speak different languages. So it's possible that what she was asking for and what I was agreeing to do were actually two different things. I'm pretty sure she was asking for a shower though.

Anyway, once I had the water ready, I went and found her. I called, she came, I picked her up, and we went into the shower. Doug thought I was kidding, so imagine his surprise when he turned around and saw what was going on! (we have a shower stall with glass doors.) He took a few photos, but they are NSFW (or NSFBlog, in this case), so you'll have to settle for this family photo.

Amazingly, Cordy did not freak out! I held her and she just chilled and let me give her scratches. I didn't let the water spray directly onto her, but let it hit my body and then run down onto her. And she did get a fine mist to the face, which she didn't seem to notice. Overall, I was very surprised. I expected to end the adventure with my flesh torn to ribbons!

Now, I didn't want anyone to get jealous, so I stuck Charlie in the bath with Lila this evening. He was less receptive. I think his feet were in the water for .75 seconds before he went flying. Lila, of course, thought it was hilarious. Charlie sat in the playroom and groomed himself for a long time. I tried talking to him once or twice, but he just yelled at me every time. Oh well...

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Anonymous said...

I seem to remember you doing something similar when you were about Lila's age. I don't remember which cat it was but within a very few minutes of me explaining that cats don't generally like water this particular one came shooting out of the bathroom dripping wet, with you laughing wildly. Nice to see some things never change.