At the Library, earlier today...

I'm typing this at the Austin Public Library and I have a headache. The reason that I am able to sit and type out a blog post at the library is that Eli is not here with me. Just Lila. Eli does not allow us to enjoy trips to the library because he thinks it's boring. Thankfully, Doug came home right around the time I was thinking of loading us up to com here. We decided on a gender split. The men went to the home store to get supplies for fixing up the old house and the women came to the library for new books.

The reason I have a headache is... pollen, I suppose. Spring has sprung in Austin, which means it's the time of year when I have frequent dull headaches and don't sleep well because I'm having so many vivid and bizarre dreams. I do love some things about spring though. Like how all the plants and trees suddenly have little green leaves on them or beautiful purple or pink blossoms. It's happening so early this year that we didn't have a chance to prune in our yard!

Doug spent a few hours at the old house yesterday, cleaning and doing yard work. The kids and I stopped by there after lunch, to say hello and take a peek. Doug had told me what a mess the place was after our tenants moved out, but I wanted to see it for myself. I kind of wish I hadn't because what I saw just made me angry! I don't think those guys cleaned anything, the entire time they lived there. It is repulsively dirty, things are broken, and there is an infestation of Evil Beasts in the kitchen.

Mmm... I think I'd better stop talking about it because I'm getting upset again...

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