Doug Update

I figure it's about time for me to give an update on Doug and his job transition. In case you missed it, he left Dell in December, after nearly 12 years. He'd been contemplating a job change for some time when Dell announced that they were offering a very generous Voluntary Separation Package. What's that? You'll pay me to go and do something that I'd already been considering doing for free. Okay!

So he left Dell and entered the world of Lots of Free Time. The first month that he was off was like a big vacation. Par-tay! After Christmas, we started to grate on each other's nerves pretty severely. We've settled into a good routine now, though, and are both enjoying the rare opportunity. Doug disappears in the morning to some location with wireless Internet access, while the kids and I do school or go to the gym. He might or might not be around for lunch, depending on his schedule. Then he comes home and the afternoons are either spent together as a family or I flee the children for a little while. Nice.

During this time, we've still had the part-time Community Leader job at Gateway that we used to share. Since Doug has had so much more time and motivation, he's taken it over completely. I'm pretty sure he's doing a better job at it than I ever did, but I'm choosing not to notice. We've also had income from the renters in our old house, but they, theoretically, moved out at the end of February and we are thinking it might be time to sell that house anyway. It has, as expected, increased in value quite a bit in the past 1.5 years.

Now, the things that are on the horizon... there are a lot, but nothing is firm, so I'm going to be vague. There are a couple of in-town positions that Doug is considering, as well as one that is out-of-town. He's also been working on proposals for several contract jobs with various companies and is looking into a job doing financial planning for people. I really don't know what the end result of all this will be. Could be that he'll take a full-time position right away. Or he might do contract work for a year or so, until a full-time position that really sounds interesting comes along. Or he might do some combination of jobs.

Initially, I was freaked out by the uncertainty of contract work, but then I realized that I trust Doug and, more importantly, I trust God. So now I'm not worried. Just waiting to see what comes next in our adventure.


michele said...

hey, good to get an update on doug and work and all. sounds adventurous! :0) I'll pray for awesome direction and insight as to next steps and all that.

martha said...

Very cool. Trusting God is always good :). Enjoy the time together! Jobs come and go, family time is harder to come by!