The kids and I just finished up our dinner: vegan chili, cornbread, and corn. I didn't buy vegan chili on purpose and it's really not very good. I also did not think about the fact that I was making cornbread AND corn. Oh well. I can only pay attention to so many things at one time.

Anyway, about halfway through the meal, Lila turned to me and told me she was taking bites of corn and cornbread together, "because they taste similar." Her own words. I just blinked at her a few times and then said, "okay".

Later, I was holding Eli and he had his sippy cup. He reached forward and started banging it on the table. I leaned him back and told him 'no'. Lila demonstrated that he could smack his hand on the table. I said, "Yes, hands are fine, but hard objects are not okay." Lila replied, "Yeah, and soft objects are good too."

"Soft objects"? Seriously, where did this kid come from?!? Is she 3 or 30?

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I've wondered that myself.